Me and Elvis
     Human Radio, "Human Radio", 1990
     --words and music by Ross Rice

from "The Farrago Sessions", 2006, LineLevel Music
Me and Elvis used to have a good time
We'd cash in all our coke bottles to buy a quart of wine
Me and Elvis yeah we'd ride out to the park
And smoke his daddy's cigarettes and come home after dark
Me and Elvis liked to really rock 'n roll
We'd crank up our guitars and then we'd really lose control
Me and Elvis used to ride our motorbikes
We always skip school, we'd do just what we like

	Me and Elvis
		Elvis and I
	Me and Elvis
		Elvis and I

Me and Elvis we were cool with the chicks
We had a smooth delivery and we knew how to get our kicks
Me and Elvis never worried 'bout the cops
He'd flash that badge he got from Nixon every time that we got stopped
Me and Elvis used to play pinball all day
And the machines would never tilt, no one ever had to pay
Me and Elvis liked our leather jackets black
And we'd ride up and down the river in a brand new Cadillac


Sweating in the Memphis sun
Elvis kept us in the shade 
And when the crowds got much too thick
Elvis put up barricades
And when the Colonel gave him lemons
Elvis served up lemonade
And when the time came for departure
Elvis had his dues full paid

Me and Elvis really tried to disappear
We took his jet down to Las Vegas and we stayed a couple years
Me and Elvis watched TV till it got late
And we would never change the channels, we'd use Elvis' .38
Me and Elvis never meant to sing the blues
But avalanches never go in the direction that you choose
Me and Elvis finally made our sacrifice
And now his picture's on my mantle sitting next to Jesus Christ

	(Chorus 2x)